About Miradi

Miradi is a collaborative electronic reviewing and project tracking solution for Weber County which means 'project' in Swahili. Miradi treats everything as a project. An ordinance amendment, building permit, subdivision, board of adjustment appeal, and business license are all examples of different types of land use activities and permits. At an abstract level, each example is a project involving many unique properties, aspects, people, and reviewing agencies.

Miradi helps to organize and track projects. Reviews, dates (submittal, expiration, etc), files, comments, parcels, violations, etc, can be added to a project. Every user can follow any number of projects and receive notifications of new project activity. The dashboard shows new activity and keeps track of a users projects.

Reviewing agencies are selected when a project is created. These agencies can add reviews and comments to a project, helping the project manager gather expert information and present findings to decision makers all in a very timely manner.

Most Recent Projects


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